Welcome to Justus Photography!

I"m sometimes asked about our business name, since it's not my name.  There are two men in the Bible named Justus.  One was a man who was no one special, he just loved the Lord, and did whatever he could to help.  That spoke to me, and the name Justus is the result.  

Photography is a passion and I love to showcase your families, your children, your horses, your dogs and you get to select the ones that would look great as a portrait on your wall! 

It's all here, the horses, the dog portraits, the weddings, the senior photos, the children, and  the most important person I photograph...YOU!  We should all exist in photographs.  Photographs to pass down to our children and grandchildren.  Photographs to remember by.  Photographs to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf. 

We are the most photographed generation in the past 50 years.  5 years from now we won't have any way to view those photos if we have them stuck in a drawer on a CD that we can no longer access, due to technology changes over time.   Photographs were meant to be held in your hand, cherished and displayed.  Let me help you personalize your home by doing just that.  Call me for more information and a custom quote.  (575) 644-4613.  

Blessings, Linda